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Marvin “Bones” Beuning

Marvin “Bones “Beuning -U.S. Marine Corps 1961-1965

Marvin With His Brownie Automated Weapon (BAR)

Marvin stationed at Waikiki Beach, where he was assigned his nickname “Bones“

Marvin With His Car On Leave From the Marines

Marvin Trying to Look Tough For His Buddies

Marvin began his interest in serving our country by joining the Junior Civil Defense Rescue squad. He then officially started his career with the Marine Corp at San Diego, CA Recruit Depot for training. He graduated as part of the 3rd Battalion Honor Platoon.

He then went to Charlie Company, 1st Battalion, Fourth Marines Infantry. His weapon was a BAR (Brownie Automatic Weapon). Shortly after being assigned to that Battalion, Marvin was promoted to a squad leader.

During his 2 years in Hawaii, he was promoted to Corporal, where he was issued top-secret clearance to guard a secured building. He later found out one morning as the doors opened to the building that he was guarding a hydrogen bomb! The bomb was transported to Christmas Island, where they exploded it. It was the last hydrogen bomb in history, and they exploded it above ground. Marvin was 800 miles away on Waikiki Beach the night it was blown up and he could see the magnificent, unforgettable colors of white, purple, and orange! The operation to explode the bomb was given the name Operation Dominic and was truly the highlight of Marvin’s career! Marvin never spoke about it, until it was later featured on television.

Marvin then went on to be stationed in El Toro, California where he served as a Military Police. He was a Desk Sargent in charge of security at the base.

He was sworn in on January 21, 1961 with President Kennedy. President Kennedy took his oath as President of the U.S., while Marvin took his oath to serve his country with the Marines. They took their oaths over the radio. On November 22, 1963 the phone rang at Marvin’s desk, he answered to find horrific news, that President Kennedy had been assassinated. Marvin had the honor of pulling colors (pulling the flag down to half-mast) for our President.