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My Domesti-PUP Story: Canice Kobus Family

The Canice Kobus Family 

Canice with Charlie

Canice with Charlie

Paisley ( Bennie's sister ) with her litter of future therapy pups

Paisley ( Bennie’s sister ) with her litter of future therapy pups

Canice Kobus and her family have been patients of ours for many years. A few years ago, after watching a colleague bring service dogs in-training to the office she started to volunteer for Domesti-PUPs which is a non-profit organization here in Lincoln that provides therapy dogs and service dogs for persons with disabilities. They also provide obedience-trained rescue dogs. Their mission is to improve the quality of life for persons with special needs through the assistance of animals and to provide awareness through education. You can find more information at

Canice grew up with at least one or two dogs in the house at all times as her parents were huge animal lovers. She understands the positive effect a pet can have on people of all ages, especially those with a variety of mental, physical and emotional disabilities. Many people find it easier to bond with an animal than with other people.

Canice at home with Sterling and Bennie

Canice at home with Sterling and Benny

She states, “I have gained so much knowledge through my volunteer experience and I truly enjoy sharing that knowledge with others.

Sterling at UNL event with therapy teams

Sterling at UNL event with therapy teams

This volunteer opportunity found me when I wasn’t even looking and it has been beyond rewarding. The trainers and volunteers are all so passionate about what they do and you can be sure that any dog related to the program is well cared for and loved!”

She initially signed up as a volunteer puppy raiser for a service dog in-training, which meant she would be fostering/training a puppy until he was 12-18 months old at which time the puppy would enter his advanced service dog training. A puppy raiser is tasked with taking the dog to as many places as they can, as often as they can so the dog learns good behavior and stays close to his “person” no matter where he is. The puppy raiser is also told to “just love the dog”! Her first puppy was a Goldendoodle named Benny.

Canice and her pups at a Domesti-PUPS event

Canice and volunteers with pups at a Domesti-PUPS event

Once Benny earned his public access, Canice brought him into our office with her. He kept a close eye on her while she was being tended to by Dr. Jon. He was so close that Dr. Jon even commented on how black his nose was! In October last year, Benny was placed as a resident therapy dog at The Arbors here in town. His job is to be there for the residents (and staff) and he watches over and loves them all as much as they love him!

At Generations Family Dental with Sterling and staff

At Generations Family Dental with Sterling and staff

Since Benny, Canice has brought a variety of service dogs in-training into the office with her. She has been a puppy raiser and a weekend warrior and has assisted with the care and training of multiple litters of puppies. She now owns Sterling, the third dog she was puppy raising and then adopted after he was removed from the program due to barking at inopportune times.

Due to her faith in his skills, her goal was to take Sterling through the Domesti-PUP Therapy Dog program so they could become a certified therapy team. He has a lot of fun energy, likes to stay busy and loves being with people.

They graduated as a therapy team last year and have made visits to a number of assisted living and memory care facilities, Bryan Hospital, UNL, Wesleyan University and a variety of other events.

Sterling comes with Canice to visit Generations Family Dental where he brightens up the office with his smiles and fun spirit. 🙂

One of Domesti-PUPs largest fundraisers, the I Love My Dog Expo, is coming up the weekend of March 25th at the Lancaster County Event Center. Check out their Facebook page for more information. All well-behaved pets (must be on a leash) are welcome too.